Customer FAQ's

1. Do i have to sign up as a customer?

You can if you wish, just proceed to this link and fill in the required information.

2. Do you have guest checkout?

Yes we do, if you did not want to sign up as a customer that is fine, just fill in all required information on the checkout page when making a purchase.

3. Do you ship outside of Australia?

No, Only within Australia.

4. How come there is no products in some categories?

Either we do not have products available as yet or we do not have sellers with these products at present unfortunately. There will be more products available under other categories in the near future.

5. How much is shipping cost?

With our (E-Plaza) products that we have available for purchase the shipping cost is based on the weight of the order.

6. What is the shipping cost for the sellers products?

The seller decides their own shipping cost and if they offer free shipping or not.