Please read below to see how it works:

How does it work for a seller/vendor?

It is pretty easy really!
It is free to register and advertise/List your products on our website.
Once you have registered and your seller account has been approved (Usually within 24 Hours)
We will email you a start up seller guide, This helpful guide takes you through the steps to get familiar with your account and how to add products etc.

Low Cost Fees do apply (once your products sell)
You add your products and all the required fields/information and we will manage all of the sales, once you sell a product you just need to post it to your customers.
Your customers can contact you directly if need be.
Once your products are up and running on our website that is all you need to do, just top up the quantity when needed & let us do the rest for you! So you have more time to create, make or just relax!

How does that fee apply? 

You are only charged a fee once a customer makes a purchase on E-Plaza, we take a small commission fee of 3.9% from the total order of sales. This fee is to cover the cost of transactions, to maintain this website for you & for the hard work & time we put in to this website. There are no other fees involved.
Once you are approved and your products are available for sale on E-Plaza, we will promote your business & products on our Facebook page.

There is no need to make a payout request for any amount, as automatic deposits are made in to your nominated bank account (fees/commissions already deducted before deposit is made).

Why pay large commission fees that can range from around 6%-15% for other marketplaces?, fees to list your products, fees for different categories and more fees! When you can pay one low cost here once you make a sale.

Options for sellers if you do not wish to sign up for a seller account right now:
You can advertise your products on one of our banners available on the homepage, We do not charge an arm & a leg for advertising your products! Fees are at a very low cost.

Ending soon!

AT THE MOMENT IT IS FREE TO ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCTS ON ONE OF OUR BANNERS FOR 4 WEEKS!!! NO CHARGE FOR 4 WEEKS!!! HOW GOOD IS THAT?? FREE FREE FREE!!! Usual charge is $10 a month for you to advertise your products on one of our banners.