Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, we do not sell, rent or give any information to any third party, any information provided to us by you is kept strictly confidential, The reason we collect your information is for the processing of your order/s, this may/will include your purchase/s, full name, address details, email/s, phone number/s & DOB (Date of Birth, If provided to us.) order confirmation and updates sent to your email with order update statuses & with tracking information. Sellers will have their own privacy policies and always best to check with the seller(s) for all of their terms & conditions and policies.

Your information is kept within our database which is 100% safe and secure.We do not see or find out any of your financial details, when you make a purchase from our website all of your credit card details, payment is made using Stripe to process your credit card and is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption's security technology. 

We or seller(s) may from time to time send newsletters, sales, promotions, specials, new products, competitions, product information updates, policy and terms & condition updates to you unless you have opted out of receiving this information, You can opt out/unsubscribe from receiving any of this information at any time and through your seller(s).