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These are our terms & policies, Please read carefully before using & purchasing from this website.


We are a marketplace for Australian only seller(s), Australian stock, Aussie proud, Aussie owned, Aussie operated and made within Australia only! or for us to sell products and offer our services to you online and for the consumer/customer to purchase all Aussie products.

If for any reason you do not agree or accept to be bound by our Terms and Conditions or any Policies or you find anything offensive please do not use this website. There is no hate towards any person for this website, use of the website we are wholly just providing Aussie people the chance to sell their products/services to you and provide the everyday Aussie a chance to buy all Aussie made products which is their choice at their own discretion.

These T&C's and Policies are referring to Us, our website (e-plaza https://e-plaza.com.au), and for you the customer and you the seller(s)

You our customer, the seller(s) customer or the Seller(s), Us, This, Our, We, This Website, Our Website, Terms of Service, Terms of use, T&C's, I the Purchasing Customer (means you our customer or seller(s) customer(s) or Seller(s), refers to words that are referring to this website E-plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au) You the customer agree to be bound by all of our Terms & Conditions and any Policy at E-plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au) before your purchase and after your purchase has been made at our website or for signing up an account for you the customer or you the seller, You the Customer or seller(s) agree that you are of age to be purchasing from this website.

You agree not to reproduce, distribute, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes the content of the Website. You agree not to interfere with or disrupt the Website services, the security systems of the Website or of the Website content. You have agreed and accepted that you have read these terms and conditions or any policies on this website E-plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au) before purchasing. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change and replace any of our terms or any policy at anytime at no notice to you, so please check back from time to time for any changes or updates to this website.

Please make sure that, before placing your order, that you understand that Products are subject to stock availability. From time to time items may not be in stock at the time of your order and these items may be placed on back-order or unless these items are discontinued. If an item is no longer available when you place your order due to being discontinued a refund will be given or you may choose another item that is of the same value as your original purchase (excludes any shipping costs). Please refer to the seller(s) you purchased from for more information if this is the case. We do try our best to make sure our inventory is up to date for our products, and seller(s) will update their own stock and inventory at their sole discretion and in a timely manner.

The administrators of E-plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au) are constantly working on maintaining the accuracy of the information displayed on the Website. However, the Website does not warrant that product descriptions or other content of this Website is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. Please note that the photographs are provided for informational purposes only and that they can display certain product accessories that may not be included in the standard sales package, Pictures can vary in colour due to your monitor or screen.

1. Third party Seller(s).

We have third party seller(s) on this website to offer their products and services to you (customers). Seller(s) have their own policies, T&C's, Refund Policies etc. If there are any issues with any products, refunds, exchanges, change of mind or anything else through these seller(s), you will have to contact the seller(s) in regards to any of the above or anything else you need, as this is the responsibility of the seller(s), we do not take responsibility for any issues.

2. Seller(s).

You understand, have read and agree to be bound by that we (e-plaza or e-plaza marketplace) are NOT held accountable for any of the products and services or any information you add on here on offer through our/this website. This is at your seller(s) discretion and you will take responsibility for it. On sign up you can read the full T&C's for your seller account.

You understand and agree to be bound to, that any issues that may arise through customers purchasing from you that it is you the seller(s) responsibility to work with the customer and communicate to sort any issues out, at our sole discretion we reserves the right to terminate, change, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any aspect of the Website and/or any customer account/s at any time without any notice to you, this could be for harassment, misusing your account and this website any fraudulent behaviour, threats or intimidation, to any customer or any of our staff etc, including the availability of any features of the website, at any time and without notice. Customers can purchase through you for any products or services you offer on our website.

You agree and be bound to, that you have your own T&C's and any policies, refund policy etc in place before signing up for an account with us, any account sign up the products will have to be approved by us first before it is placed on our website. You can upload products through the CSV imports or place products one by one, this is up to you the Seller(s). Seller(s) can find our extended T&C's on their accounts and on sign up.

You the seller(s) store name will be place next to the products or services you offer on e-plaza or e-plaza marketplace. You can add your T&C's, policies or any shipping method policies, your own shipping methods and shipping cost, own price of your products, description, images etc on your account. You agree to provide excellent customer service, refunds, change of mind, ship and dispatch products, have contact with customers and provide a tracking number (if this is not a virtual product) once the product has been dispatched and do all this in a timely manner.

Products that you can add may be virtual, packs or any standard product/s. If you have any issues please contact us. When adding images please try to add the actual product/s images, no false or misleading information or images. Any false information that is reported to us or we suspect any, you the seller(s) are held accountable and your account will be closed. We do charge a small fee for each product that is sold on our website, these fees will be taken once a purchase has been made through your store for any product that has been sold. We will check to see if your business is wholly Australian before we approve your account. We may ask you to provide some proof of any information regarding this. The fee price/percentage/commission could change at anytime without any prior notice to you, however we will always try our best to inform you of any changes to any policies, fee price(s) and our T&C's, You agree, understand and are bound by this when you sign up as a seller. Please update any information as soon as anything changes, so you can notify your customer(s).

3. Products e-plaza or e-plaza marketplace sell.

We have our own products that may be for sale on this website that is separate from any sellers account, we take our own responsibility to dealing with any issues or products sold through us, if there are any issues please contact us and we can help you the (Customer) for any products we have sold to you. Our products will NOT have any store name next to the products we sell.

4.Your account for seller(s) and any customers.

Using the Website or certain sections of the Website require setting up a user account.

If you use this site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access from your computer, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password.

For seller(s) (If you do not use your account or it has not been active for a length of time, we will at our sole discretion close the account, if you decide you wish to return, you will need to open another account but this will require approval, this applies to all seller(s) accounts on sign up.)

If you suspect that the security of your user account has been violated, please inform the Website administrator as soon as possible. E-plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au) is NOT liable for any damage that may occur from the unauthorised use of your user account, we are NOT liable if a Minor or Adult has accessed your account and has unauthorised use of your Credit Card information or any other Payment methods through your financial institution & purchases made with them through our website E-plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au). Please notify us of any suspicious activity if you believe that your credit card or any other information had been used on this website. 

False & Misleading Fraud Disputes or fraud disputes.

If you did make a purchase and do not recognise the purchase on your bank statement we will always use E-plaza or E-plaza marketplace as the statement descriptor when you make a purchase using a credit card or this may state the seller(s) statement descriptor.

Please do not lie or make false claims of fraud and dispute it once you are provided with the tracking number, if this does happen we will have the package returned to us before the product/s arrive to you, we will try & stop the transit until any fraud disputes are rectified, return shipping to you will incur a charge for any re-delivery if you agree that there was no fraud committed.

If you give any false misleading fraud disputes and you are lying to receive an item for free (and the transit can not be stopped) we will be doing all we can to retrieve the goods, this means we will report the incident and it will be directed to the proper authorities, this will be classed as theft. This will be dealt with by the law.

Please keep your account user details safe.

We do not see or find out any of your Credit Card details as this is not shown to us through our payment methods, we only see information on your order as in order number, payment method used, delivery address and the product/s you have purchased and any information you have provided on sign up as a customer eg, email, phone number, date of birth (if you chose to provide). Only you can see your credit card details (we do not see or store this information and it is done through our encryption processing providers we use for our credit card merchant/s).

We take fraud seriously and any false misleading fraud claims seriously, this will not be tolerated on our website by any customers or any seller(s).

5.Limitations of liability

The Website and the company that operates the Website will not in any case be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages for use of this site or any other hyperlinked web sites including, without limitation, lost profits or revenues, costs of replacement, business interruptions, loss of data or damages resulting from use of or reliance on the information present.


Payments can be made through different payment methods.

These methods of payment are secure and we do not find out any of your financial information.

We have a 2 Day policy on purchases made with bank transfer, if your payment has NOT been made within 2 days of your purchase made, it will be cancelled without warning. This Policy is clearly stated here and on the payment methods page.

E-plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au) is NOT liable for any damage that may occur from the unauthorised use of your user account, we are NOT liable if a Minor or Adult has accessed your account and has unauthorised use of your Credit Card information or any other Payment methods through your financial institution & purchases made with them through our website E-plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au).

Please keep your account user details safe.

We do NOT see or find out any of your Credit Card details as this is not shown to us through our payment methods we only see information on your order as in order number, email address (you the customer have provided), payment method used, delivery address and the product/s you have purchased.

Only YOU can see your financial details.

We do not tolerate any form of fraud or any unauthorised use of any payment methods on our website and any information that we need to provide to any authority bodies we will do so.

All payments made on this website are processed in AUD (Australian Dollars) and all credit card payments are processed in AUD (Australia Dollars) when you make a purchase on our website.

Payments made to seller(s) account will have their own trading names/descriptor on the credit card processor or any other payment method used.

Seller(s) will provide their own payment methods available to you.

7.Availability of the Website

E-plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au) reserves the right to terminate, change, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any aspect of the Website and/or any customer account/s at any time without any notice to you, this could be for harassment, misusing your account and this website any fraudulent behaviour, threats or intimidation, etc, including the availability of any features of the website, at any time and without notice. You agree that E-plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au) shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Website (or any part thereof).

Any information on this website is not to be copied by any means, all information, wording, policies, terms etc are the rightful owner of E-plaza or the seller(s). All rights reserved.

8.Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, we do not sell, rent or give any information to any third party, any information provided to us by you is kept strictly confidential, The reason we collect your information is for the processing of your order/s, this may/will include your purchase/s, full name, address details, email/s, phone number/s & DOB (Date of Birth, If provided to us.) order confirmation and updates sent to your email with order update statuses & with tracking information.

Your information is kept within our database which is 100% safe and secure.

We do not see or find out any of your financial details, when you make a purchase from our website all of your credit card details, whether payment is made using Stripe or Paypal to process your credit card or your Paypal account is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption's security technology.

We or seller(s) may from time to time send newsletters, sales, promotions, specials, new products, competitions, product information updates, policy and terms & condition updates to you unless you have opted out of receiving this information, You can opt out/unsubscribe from receiving any of this information at any time and through your seller(s).

9.Returns/Refunds Policy

Please read before purchasing, if you purchase any item you are agreeing and accepting to these terms.

Full refund will only be given if it meets our returns/refunds policy and full Refund/Return/Exchange will only be given to the price of the item purchased (Excludes shipping/delivery cost)

If you require a refund please read our refund/returns policy.

You the customer are responsible for the delivery cost for returned items.

No refunds/returns or exchanges will be given until the goods are returned to us first so we can inspect the item/s.

Please contact us before doing anything or contact us via the returns page before sending any item back.

You are required to contact us for any returns, refunds, change of mind & warranty claims within 7 days of purchase, any contact for returns, refunds, change of mind & warranty claims after 7 days may be be VOID as you should know upon arrival of your delivery if it is damaged in any way or not what you ordered or expected. Usually 7 days is enough time to let us know if there are any issues to report to us. We try to be fair and we expect the same in return.

If this is for a seller(s) on our website, please contact them for their returns/refunds policy.

Always refer to our Returns/Refunds Policy Page before purchasing (so you know what our process is once your purchase has been made.)

Please familiarise yourself with our or the seller(s) T&C's, policies, this website, your account.

We DO NOT accept Refund/Return/Exchange for change of mind, not what you expected on delivery, found it elsewhere cheaper or do not want the item anymore, wrong address provided and not while the product is still in transit.

We DO NOT accept Returns/Refunds/Exchange for perishable goods or any under garments, swimwear, stockings, flammable liquids of any kind, gases etc.

All Approved Returns/Refunds/Exchanges must be in the same condition as when you received it, be in original packaging, not damaged, soiled or altered by you in any way.

We charge a 15% restocking fee this may be taken out of your refund amount and on any returned/refunded item/s purchased for non defective returned merchandise, packaging damaged, change of mind, do not want the item anymore, found it cheaper elsewhere, wrong address provided etc. Seller(s) may or will charge their own restocking fee or if any at all. You will have to contact the seller(s) for any information regarding this.

10. Extended Returns/Refunds Policy.

* We do not accept change of mind after 7 days of your order.
* This is dependant on what the product is and if this is a sellers products you will need to contact the seller for their refund policy etc, If any issues with any of our product please send an email including pictures or video of the condition of the product received and an explanation of why you would like to return the product and if the item is eligible for return.
* For COM (Change of Mind) product has to be in original packaging.
* We will notify as to whether or not we require the product to be returned to us. Please do not return the product to us without our prior consultation – credit will not be given in this case.
* If we require the product to be returned to us, we will provide a return post label. We do not refund postage costs.
* If return label provided to you, we will refund the total order amount MINUS initial postage, return postage and restocking fee of 8%
* If return label NOT provided to you, we will refund the total order amount MINUS initial postage and restocking fee of 8%
* Customers can not change their mind before the item is received.

11.Shipping/Delivery Policy for our customers and seller(s), or seller(s) customers

We will not be held responsible for any losses or damage/s once an item has left us for delivery after 7 days of receipt of purchase.

Postal errors can occur and you will need to contact the postal service or courier to follow up your item/delivery.

We aim to dispatch your shipment in a timely manner & once your payment has been cleared, Once an item has left us you will be supplied with a tracking number. 

For any issues or questions please contact us via email, if this relates to a seller(s) please contact that seller(s).

As some carriers are unable to deliver to some postcodes or areas we will not be held responsible if you have ordered to a postcode or area and the product does not arrive.

We will not be held responsible if you chose NOT to read our Terms & Conditions and/or any Policies before your purchase from our website.

Selected items for shipping cost may return a warning that there is no shipping amount or may come up as free shipping, only the selected items will show if it is free shipping or this will be displayed on the checkout page or could possibly be an error in our system, please contact us for the shipping cost to your area.

If there are any errors in our system or warning messages on the checkout page with shipping cost or shipping methods, please contact us if you are unsure, Shipping cost varies on all products & Free Shipping is available on selected items across the entire website.

If the incorrect or no shipping cost shows on the checkout and it shows free shipping, this may not be the case then this will be corrected and the new shipping cost will be adjusted, we will send you an updated invoice with shipping cost included.

Unfortunately we will not process & dispatch your goods until the amount is paid in full & cleared, including any shipping cost/s that were not included on the checkout page.  This also applies to any sellers account and products or services.

Unfortunately errors can occur and we will fix these error's as soon as we are notified.

If there are any errors in our system or warning messages on the checkout page with shipping cost, if free shipping is displayed on the checkout and it is an error with our system and we require the full shipping cost to send a product we CAN NOT give the item to you (the Customer) for free shipping as it may of stated unfortunately.

We reserve the right to decline, refuse or cancel any orders received or orders made thereafter for incorrect shipping prices, as it may be advertised for free but this may not be the case, please do not hesitate to contact us, one of our friendly representatives will assist you.

Please make sure you provide a correct delivery address as we will not be held responsible for any shipping costs incurred for delivery of the item, this will be the customers responsibility, re-delivery fees will apply if you the customer provides an incorrect delivery address and/or the product is returned to us.

The expected time for delivery given by each courier is for reference only. Delivery might take longer than expected due to various reasons. If you do not receive your item within 10 business days, please contact our customer service team or the seller(s) if you have purchased through one of our seller(s).

Pick up or arranging your own courier is not available at our warehouse to ensure our distribution centre can dispatch all goods efficiently at all times. This could be different for our seller(s) please contact the seller(s) for any information regarding this.

Inaccurate Address If there are any address discrepancies with your order the product is returned us, a customer service team member will be in touch. A re-delivery cost will occur for any products that are returned to us. This may apply for our seller(s) always make sure you contact the seller(s) to confirm any information.

Due to limited access of our and or our seller(s) carriers, there are certain postcodes that we may not be able to deliver to, Always check with us or the seller(s) before making your purchase. We may deliver to Po Boxes depending on location and size of the product.

Excluded Postcodes below:


From time to time some items on this website can and will be on back-order or discontinued. Delivery of back-order items can take some time to arrive. There are no Refunds/Returns/Exchange for any back-orders made.

12.Stock Status & Prices

On each individual product page it will state the stock status of an item and if it is in stock or when it will be back in stock and/or 'in stock' status may NOT have updated/changed to 'out of stock' from the time you add an item to the cart to the time we received your order.

Seller(s) are responsible for their own product prices and stock status.

From time to time errors could be present on this website with any incorrect pricing on all of our products on this website, if this does occur when you place an order we do apologise, as this is just an error and we CAN NOT sell or give it to you for that price or for $0.00.

We reserve the right to decline, refuse or cancel any orders received or any orders made thereafter for any incorrect pricing, your order will NOT be processed until full correct payment is received for that product & any shipping costs if the item is not stated free shipping. If you do not wish to pay for the item when the amount is corrected and error free it will be removed from your order and only what you have paid for in full will be processed and dispatched. This also applies to our seller(s) if you have not paid for an item.

13. Toys, Games, Baby & Children's Products

In some Toys, Games, Baby & Children's Products we sell contain small pieces or batteries, Please keep away from smaller children, Recommended age is 4 years up. Please be very vigilant when it comes to these small pieces as they are a potential choking hazard. We will not be held responsible for you purchasing any of these items, you (the customer) do so at your own risk and your own use of common sense.

14. Do you or seller(s) offer warranty?

15.1 What should I do if there is a part missing?

Please confirm with us or the seller that you have checked the packaging very thoroughly as the small components might become loose during the shipping. If there is a part missing, please contact us immediately so that we can offer our assistance. Please contact the seller(s) if this occurs when purchasing from seller(s).

15.2 Refund and replacement

All approved Refunds and Replacements can generally take up to 5 working days to process, and will notify you right after it has been processed.

PLEASE NOTE: A refund or replacement will not be provided if products are being misused, mishandled or mistakenly installed. Customers are responsible for following the instructions and advice given by the manufacturers.

I the purchasing customer, seller(s) or seller(s) customer/s have read, agreed and accepted to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and any Policy that relates to this website (e-plaza https://e-plaza.com.au) at the time of checkout and after i have made my purchase or signed up an account, I the purchasing customer have clicked on the obligation to buy at the time of checkout as i have agreed and accepted to be bound by the terms and conditions and any policy (e-plaza https://e-plaza.com.au) has in place.

If you have questions regarding our Terms of Use or any Policy, please contact us by using the dedicated contact form or for any seller(s) please contact them in regards to any information that relates to them about their T&C's, Policies etc.

ALL PAYMENTS PROCESSED ON THIS WEBSITE ARE IN AUD (AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS) All prices are inclusive of GST and are in AUD (Australian Dollars). All information and prices are subject to change without any notice. All brands, logos and names are trademarks of their respective owners.