About Us

We are an Aussie family run business not a big company only a small business.

We are an Australian online marketplace, We provide access for Aussie businesses to sell their products here, if you are an Australian Proud business, have Australian stock only, Aussie owned, Aussie operated and made within Australia only and you are bloody fair dinkum or you are a customer looking to purchase all Aussie products then we want this to be the right place for YOU!

We offer our own products to you, when purchasing from our website it is 100% dinky di safe and secure, We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

We would like to welcome all Aussie businesses & if you have wholesale stock or drop-shipping then please get in contact with us for more information and we offer Aussie made products or services to customers all within one place, saves shopping around to search for all the products when we can have them all here on offer for YOU!

Our initiative is to provide the Australian businesses and Farmers to succeed and provide their products to you and for the consumer(s) to buy all Australian products they wish to purchase at their own discretion all in ONE PLACE! Plus coming soon will be an option for Aussie business owners to add their services, rentals & appointments (hotel, holiday bookings, vehicle rentals, dentist, hairdressers, barbers, beauty etc,) to our booking system which will allow customers to make bookings right here online.

(Sellers/Vendors are free to register and advertise your products.)

Sellers/Vendors are free to register and advertise your products, once you sell a product(s) we charge a 3.9% commission/fee on each total sale.

All seller/vendor stores get 96.1% of the money that goes directly to the owner/producer on each total purchase made. Fees are set at 3.9%. We have to charge this unfortunately to cover the costs of transactions, maintaining the website and the hard work we put in, this fee is a lot lower than other marketplaces online.

Once you join and add your store and products/services to our website we will promote your Business on our Facebook page.

This is the best time to get businesses together and help the customers without the need to research all products before they shop. Help your fellow Australian strive to be what we can be! Let's keep the money within Australia! We have to start somewhere.

Your fellow fair dinkum Aussies!