1. Seller(s) Information, Terms & Conditions.

You understand, have read and agree to be bound by that we (e-plaza or e-plaza marketplace) are NOT held accountable for any of the products and services or any information you add on here on offer on our/this website. This is at your seller(s) discretion and you will take responsibility for it. Full Terms & Conditions can be found under the Terms & Conditions on this website.

You understand and agree to be bound by, that any issues that may arise through customers purchasing from you that it is you the seller(s) responsibility to work with the customer and communicate to sort any issues out, at our sole discretion we reserves the right to terminate, change, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any aspect of the Website and/or any customer account/s at any time without any notice to you, this could be for harassment, misusing your account and this website any fraudulent behaviour, threats or intimidation, to any customer or any of our staff etc, including the availability of any features of the website, at any time and without notice. Customers can purchase through you for any products or services you offer on our website.

You agree and be bound by, that you have your own T&C's and any policies, refund policy etc in place before signing up for an account with us, any account sign up the products will have to be approved by us first before it is placed on our website. You can upload products through the CSV imports or place products one by one, this is up to you the Seller(s). Seller(s) can find our T&C's on sign up for a seller(s) account. If you would like any of your specials, deals shown in advertising banners on E-Plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au) please contact us.

You the seller(s) store name will be placed next to the products or services you offer on e-plaza/e-plaza marketplace. You can add your T&C's, policies or any shipping method policies, your own shipping methods and shipping cost, own price of your products, description, images etc on your account. You agree to provide excellent customer service, refunds, change of mind, ship and dispatch products, have contact with customer and provide a tracking number (if this is not a virtual product) once the product has been dispatched and do all this in a timely manner. We do take a fee/commission for advertising and selling your products on E-Plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au) This fee/commission could change at any time without prior notice, we charge a 3.9% fee commission, unfortunately we have to charge this fee to cover costs of transactions, we will contact you when we update any policy, fee/commission price or T&C's change on our website. You agree, understand and to be bound by any of our policies, fees/commission(s) and T&C's before creating an account with us.

Products that you can add may be virtual, packs or any standard product/s. If you have any issues please contact us. When adding images please add the actual product/s images, no false or misleading information or images. Any false information that is reported to us or we suspect any, you the seller(s) are held accountable and your account will be closed. You may ask if we can add a category or categories for you (approval is required). Category requests can be found in your seller account.

2. Products e-plaza or e-plaza marketplace sell. 

We have our own products available for sale on this website that is separate from any sellers account, we take our own responsibility to dealing with any issues or products sold through us, if there are any issues please contact us and we can help you the (Customer) for any products we have sold to you. Our products will NOT have any store name next to the products we sell.

3.Your account for seller(s) and any customers.  

For seller(s) (If you do not use your account or it has not been active for a length of time, we will at our sole discretion close the account, if you decide you wish to return, you will need to open another account but this will require approval, this applies to all seller(s) accounts on sign up.) 

If you suspect that the security of your user account has been violated, please inform us as soon as possible. E-plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au) is NOT liable for any damage that may occur from the unauthorised use of your user account, we are NOT liable if a Minor or Adult has accessed your account and has unauthorised use of your Credit Card information or any other Payment methods through your financial institution & purchases made with them through our website E-plaza (https://e-plaza.com.au). Please notify us of any suspicious activity if you believe that your credit card or any other information has been used on this website.