1. Do you allow shipping overseas?

No, shipping is only within Australia.

2. If i am a seller can i request categories?

Yes you can, Category request can be found in your seller account.

3. How do i sign up as a seller?

Click here https://e-plaza.com.au/login?create_account=1&seller_registration_form=1
Then fill in all the required information, once approved you will be able to access your seller account, dashboard etc, add your seller profile and any information that is required, add your products one by one or through CSV.

4. If I do not wish to sign up as a seller, can my products still be sold through this website?

Please contact us in regards to this.

5. Do sellers have to pay a fee or commission for selling our own products on E-Plaza?

Yes, we charge a small fee/commission, Our commission fee is low 3.9%, this covers transaction costs. This fee is charged on total order of sales. If you would like to know more, please contact us for more information or see sellers T&C's. All stores get 96.1% of the money and that goes directly to you the owner/producer on each total purchase made.

6. How do i sign in as a seller to create my seller profile?

Sign up, Once your store is approved, Click on to seller sign in on the top menu or in the footer, this will take you to your account, select seller profile and fill in all the required information, once that is done you can start adding products and all the required information, If you have any issues or do not understand anything please contact us we are here to assist you. Please familiarise yourself with the set up in your account to get started.

7. Can we set our own shipping cost?

Yes you can, shipping cost amounts can be set the same, differently or free shipping for all of your products. That is up to you.